Thursday, November 5, 2015

Portable Wheel Load Weigher Technology for the Win

For most mining companies, public works operations, ag producers, farmers, and other businesses that demand easy weighing of heavy truck loads, portable wheel load weighers work exceptionally since they are easy to install and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

wheel load weighers

The advantage of investing in your own truck scale or load weighing systems is that you get the convenience of weighing your goods or products on your own time unlike truck scale rental systems. If you're seeking portable wheel load weigher technology to suit your weighing needs, below are three models worth exploring.

AXW-Series In-Motion Wheel Weighers

The AXW-Series of in-motion wheel weigher scales from Walz Scale includes the AXW-45, AXW-95, and AXW-110 systems. Unlike other portable truck scales and wheel load weighers, these systems from Walz Scale offer in-motion weighing of vehicles weighing up to 110 tons.

These wheel load weighers are ideal for providing both truck axle and total vehicle weights in simple to use portable unit. With these advanced wheel load weighers from Walz, you can now weigh your large vehicles in the field without need a designated weigh station.

OTR Wheel Weigher Scales

The OTR wheel weigher scales from Rice Lake are designed to weigh extremely large vehicles with massive OTR tires. Unlike other portable truck weigh scales that can only capture a limited width of tires, the OTR weigher scales can weigh all over-sized construction and mining vehicles with ease, providing accurate weight measurements and dependable durability.

The OTR wheel load weighers are ideal for applications such as farming, mining, shipping, and freight. With the portability of these wheel weigher scales, you can easily weigh your products or goods at a location of your own choice. All you have to do is set-up the unit on a slightly flat surface, which takes 15-20 minutes.

RFX Wheel Load Weighers

The RFX series of wheel load weighers by Intercomp are mainly designed to weigh heavy duty vehicles under harsh conditions. The RFX wheel weighers comes with integrated ramps that provides accurate weight measurements in a portable design.
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These scales can weigh most oversized vehicles and they can be used in farming application, mining, shipping and freight. The RFX wheel weighers can be installed in a portable place, they consists of 2 weighing pads, a digital weighing terminal and access ramps.

With the above wheel weighers scales, it's very easy to weigh trucks and ensure that only accurate weights are transported. Most wheel weighers are very easy to install and you don't require the help of a technician to help you on how to go about them.

Businesses or companies with greater needs can buy multiple devices and weighing systems in order to easily facilitate the process of weighing trucks. Farmers who would like to install the portable wheel weighers at a permanent location in their farm can construct concrete foundations on shallow pits where the pads can be placed.

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