Friday, November 20, 2015

3 Trusted Names in Sorting Machines & Sortation System Technology

sorting machines and sortation systems
Over the last few years, running a large business successfully has become increasingly difficult due to the increased competition, rising labor costs and the growing demand for more accurate and responsive operations. As result many manufacturing and warehousing operations have embraced unique forms of automation technology to become more cost-efficient.

This has inspired companies to integrated automated sortation systems and technology to help improve throughput capacity, productivity, efficiency, accountability, and accuracy while also ensuring a cost-effective flow of good to the consumers.

If you are looking to automate your business operations, the following companies are the leading manufacturers and producers of sortation systems and sorting technology that you should consider.

Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) - Custom Sortation Systems

Cornerstone Automation Systems (or CASI) is a USA based company that offers tailor-made solutions to meet its clients unique business needs with an aim of providing real returns. The company offers businesses with an extensive range of solutions that range from warehouse software and controls to the state of the art dispensers and sortation systems and 24V DC conveyor. CASI sortation systems are designed with a plug and play modular design, which enables easy redeployment reducing implementation time and hiccups at the site.
casi sortation systems

The CASI systems are built for large cases, mailers, parcels and item level sortation applications with various automation needs that include zone routing, carrier sort, reject systems and sort-to-order among others. You invest in CASI's sorting machines and sortation systems at, a national supplier of CASI in the U.S.

The sortation solutions by Cornerstone Automation Systems are highly configured to meet the client requirements and come tied together with a conveyor, controls, and software. The sortation solutions by CASI include pop up sortation, overhead sorters, and pushers and diverts, high-speed sort, item sorters and merge conveyor.

Learn more about the sortation systems offered by CASI, a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Dematic - Innovative Sortation Solutions

dematic sortation systemsDematic is a highly innovative global leader offering a wide range of logistics and material handling solutions to businesses with an aim of improving quality and efficiency in order to gain a competitive edge. The company is largely celebrated for developing sortation systems with standardized controls and software for the leading parcel freight companies, retailers, and distributors that optimize operations.

The Dematic sortation solutions are designed to handle an extensive range of products with high throughput capability. The sortation solutions by Dematic include circular sorters, linear sorters, hanging garment sorter, pouch sortation and divert systems.

Visit the official site of Dematic to learn more about their sorting systems.

Beumer Group - Intralogistics Sorting Systems

Beumer Group is a highly successful manufacturer of intralogistics solutions in the line of loading, conveying, packaging, palletizing, sorting, loading and distribution technology. The company together with the India’s Enexco Teknologies employs over 4,000 professionals with an aim of providing solutions for long-term success. The company over the years has been able to design sortation equipment and software that are critical components in today’s highly sophisticated and competitive market.
beumer group sorting machines and sortation systems

The sortation solutions by Beumer Group helps to improve throughput, efficiency, and productivity in wide business applications that include postal and courier, clothing and footwear, food market industry, mail order companies and newspaper distribution companies.

The company can also design and manufacture sortation and automation systems for industries with extreme variation in product types, frictional behavior and shapes such as the baggage handling solutions for freight centers and airports. The popular sortation solutions by Beumer include the belt tray sorter and the crisplant LS–4000CB cross-belt sorter. The belt sorter helps sort items efficiently and gently irrespective of shape, size or surface characteristics of the items.

See the official site of Beumer Group for more info.


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