Monday, November 30, 2015

FQHC Billing Software: Top Platforms for Better Patient Billing

FQHC billing
Success and reliability in the medical billing process for federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) is a must for patient retention and a solid billing platform. In order to not only achieve, but maintain a solid healthcare platform, reliable and functional medical billing software needs to be acquired.

Today, there are numerous FQHC billing software platforms available for your medical billing needs. These software systems specialize in keeping the payment process simple and straightforward with the least amount hurdles. Below are some examples of such FQHC billing software we’ve reviewed and discussed for your convenience.

NueMD Billing Software

NueMD is an extremely popular and widely used billing platform among medical practices and FQHC billing consultants alike. Its slogan is “See Patients. Get Paid.” Extremely simple to use, this FQHC billing software offers a comprehensive and complete selection of different service and functionalities for practices of all shapes and sizes.
NueMed FQHC Billing Software

For instance, you have the option to manage your appointment scheduling, the management of your practice itself and the billing software, your electronic health records, and other medical billing services.

NueMD sports a full feature set and many robust billing capabilities. It prioritizes accuracy and reimbursement of all your claims to make sure they’re filled out as soon as possible and reimbursed properly. It operates its own claims clearinghouse and allows you to process an unlimited number of claims.

Centricity Practice Solution 
GE Healthcare FQHC Billing Software

Centricity’s billing software specializes in financial and clinical management for medical organizations and practices. Much like NueMD, a comprehensive and complete selection of functionality for your electronic medical records (EMR) and all your practice administration needs.

Centricity is developed and designed by GE Healthcare, a company that places a very broad and vague focus on several different systems that span the entire continuum of healthcare services. This specific software includes a well-developed and nicely rounded set of integrations, with compatibility for external systems throughout the entire community of healthcare. This includes medical imaging systems, medical devices, and more GE Healthcare products.

Centricity software shines in its reporting of clinical outcomes. It’s powerful and efficient reporting contribute to the critical process of benchmarking that’s important to each and every practice. As a result, those who utilize Centricity are better prepared to participate in programs of paying for performance medicine. Finally, Centricity offers powerful interoperability. It offers a program called Clinical Messenger, which provides communication within patients and the other practices involved in the patient’s care circle, creating a nice web of effort.

eClinicalWorks FQHC Billing Software

Finally, eClinicalWorks is another emerging leader in the realm of medical software solutions. The company puts customers and employees first, and has therefore built a reputable consumer base as well as software that has garnered the best reviews and most solid performance ratings, among great satisfaction and usability.

The eClinicalWorks software is certified and specialized in helping practices meet meaningful use requirements for Stage one and Stage two. It’s ICD-10 compliant and even includes and ICD-10 help and search feature to help providers find the ICD-10 codes they need with accessibility and ease. It’s available as an on-premise solution or as a hosted solution. It offers a patient portal, electronic health exchange, eClinicalMobile, P2P, and even a unified EMR and PM system.


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