Wednesday, May 25, 2016

3 Vital Internet Marketing Platforms for Plastic Surgeons

If you are a plastic surgeon, there is no greater tool you can utilize than the internet. Search engines, social media sites, local directories, and surgery websites all offer opportunities to connect with new patients and cultivate a powerful web presence. Moreover, plastic surgeons that build a stellar online reputation are more like to convert web leads into quality patients.

We took the time to define three of the best Internet marketing platforms that can help plastic surgeons establish a strong online presence.
Search Marketing SEO PPC Plastic Surgeons
The search results are one of the most important Internet marketing channels
for plastic surgeons and related medical professionals.

Search Marketing (SEO + PPC Advertising)

Search Marketing is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing, but it could also be very confusing. Search marketing makes use of both organic SEO and PPC (Pay per click) advertising to help position a plastic surgery practice in the search results for targeted keywords.

While it's possible for plastic surgeons to try both SEO and PPC independently, many choose to outsource these services to a proficient SEO or Internet marketing company that specializes in SEO for surgery practices.

If you hire an Internet marketing company for plastic surgery search marketing, like Optimized Surgeons, you will get strategies that is built entirely around your geographical area. They will also send you reports of the progress your site is making in terms of the page rank. Being in the number one page of Yahoo, Bing and Google on your target keywords will help you immensely in gathering patient leads.

Social Media Marketing

You already know that having a strong social media presence is both indispensable and valuable in this era. Meals are being instagrammed and everyone’s thoughts are being expressed in just 140 characters. The whole world revolves around big social media networks.
Social Media Marketing Plastic Surgeons

Although the use of social media wont be the same with your firm versus your personal accounts, you can use your business Twitter account for keeping up with your current or potential patients, and you can inform them with updates within your business. For Instagram or Facebook accounts, you can use it in promoting and displaying before and after pics of your patients’ enhancements - all under the patient’s consent, of course.

Some strategies and ideas for your social media accounts:
  • Daily updates on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Weekly blog publishing
  • Daily Instagram photos of your office activity
  • A YouTube channel where you can discuss your surgical procedures or educate patients
  • Social contests
  • Advertising on social networking platforms

Content Marketing

Just imagine how your potential client would feel comfortable once they are directed to your official website. You can provide all the information they would want to know on the procedures they are interested in. It will also give you a more qualified venue for answering inquiries and desires of the patient.

This is the number one arena where your potential client will feel connected with their surgeon. We guarantee you, your website visitors will surely pick up their phones and call your office for a quotation on any of your offered services. They are already looking into your website which means they are absolutely interested. This content marketing can also impact plastic surgeon SEO strategies to bring more valuable content to the site.

It is not rocket science but apparently, a lot of plastic surgeons do not make the time to add content on their websites. It is important that your blog or website has consistent postings because this will already serve as an answer to your patients’ questions.

The content you post on your website can be shared and published into your social media accounts. Those that will click the link to your article will help in giving your website a boost on the keyword-relevancy, authority and credibility! Utilizing all of these tools will definitely get you a good social media presence and more patient leads!

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