Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Top 3 Addressing Systems for Accelerated Mailing

Although email and digital channels have consumed most business communications, tangible mail is still an important and effective means conduct certain operations. In fact, for some businesses, mailing is a major component to their commercial model. And as a result, these companies invest in mailroom equipment and mailing machines, such as addressing systems and postage meters.

With respect to the former, there are a number of low-to-high end addressing systems on the market. Also known as address printers, these addressing systems enable businesses to fluidly and efficiently print envelopes in volume fashion. Check out three top-rated addressing systems for accelerated mailing. Shop these addressing systems at if your interested making a purchase.
AS-940 Addressing System Neopost
Shown here is the AS-940 Addressing System from Neopost.

Neopost AS-940 Addressing System

The AS-940 addressing system from Neopost gives top value for a mid level workload. Graphics and addressing speed the focus of this hi-tech mailing machine. Neopost boasts an entry level price for this high-quality printer. See what makes the Neopost AS-940 addressing system a powerful address printer for the price.

Addressing System Features

  • Up to 22,000 prints an hour - The maximum performance allows plenty of production numbers. This address printer promises mailing house level performance hour after hour.
  • High resolution of 600 dpi - At high speeds, you can get crystal clear printing on every piece. This is important for eye-catching graphics not to bleed together. Also provides the most readable type.
  • Common document size handling - The Neopost AS-940 addressing system handles documents from 5 inches by 3 inches up to 15 inches by 13.5 inches. The print area is 2.5 inches by 15 inches.
  • Unit size - The unit tucks neatly into most offices. It measures 20 inches long by 21 inches high by 18 deep.

Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Address System Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Address System

Pitney Bowes offers the top mailing machine technology in this easy use address envelope printer. The Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight address system is a powerful address printing machine that has fixed heads to provide maximum durability.

You can get options to take your mailroom work to the next level. The Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Address System also includes a high-output ink dryer and an integrated conveyor.

Addressing System Features

  • Software plugins for managing mail - Keeping your list of addresses clean is a snap with any Pitney Bowes software. You have growing opportunity for saving money on wasted mail.
  • Cost saving mode for printing - Precise printing allows you pick a Light Mode for using less ink for pieces with fewer graphics. The marketing message gets there at a more exact supply cost.
  • Remote warnings and maintenance capability - This feature is designed to free operators to multi-task. The operator can track ink levels and production operations from a linked PC.
  • Higher and faster capacity - You can print a maximum of 30,000 pieces of mail in an hour with the Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight address system. The media can be 1/2 inch thick. USB and Ethernet provide even more speed options in print.

Accufast PMx Addressing System

Accufast PMx Addressing System
The Accufast PMx is stand-alone address printer is designed to give you more productivity without moving other items in your shop. Accufast boasts X-Pansion tech included to move your mail even faster. Commercial printing from this inkjet printer rolls right in ready to produce.

Addressing System Features

  • Easy to place size - The Accufast PMx has an adjustable height with a weight of only 160 pounds. It is from 37 inches to 41 inches tall. The width is just under 21 inches with a length of 42 inches.
  • Durable frame and wheels - The welded steel frame will put up with bumps and scuffs of a busy shop. The castors lock in place with step locks.
  • Variable printing resolution - Get from 150 up to 600 dots per inch horizontal and from 300 up to 600 dots per inch vertical.
  • Industry standard productivity - At 10-inch runs, you can print 15,000 pieces per hour. This measurement is printing 300 by 600 dot per inch.

There you have a great selection of addressing systems to check out right now. You are sure to find something that fits your business, budget and work flow.

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