Friday, May 13, 2016

Formax Pressure Sealers: 5 Machines for Optimal Workflow

Formax is at the forefront in the manufacturing and design of innovative paper processing technology, particularly pressure sealers. Formax pressure sealers employ innovative AutoSeal technology that is patented and designed to optimize pressure sealing workflow for users. Formax also provides desktop solutions ideal for small offices upwards to multinational corporations.

Formax pressure seal mailers are the ultimate solution for a variety of business documents that can be printed on a piece of paper. This effectively saves time and costs. Thus results in a secure document with a professional look.

Formax partners with reputable and established companies like the Walz Labeling and Mailing Systems as dealers for their high quality products. The following are some of the leading pressure sealer products in Formax product portfolio.

Formax FD 2002 Pressure Sealer

The FD 2002 pressure sealer from Formax is one of the most powerful pressure sealers manufactured by the company. It is capable of handling and effectively processing self-mailers that are sensitive.
Formax FD 2002 Pressure Sealer

The Formax FD 2002 pressure sealer has integral folding plates that make setting it up and using it all the more easier. In order to ensure precision folds, the FD 2002 has knobs for fine tuning. It also has a three roller drop in mechanism. It features an integral touchpad control panel that is quite easy to use. Its features also include:

1. Hopper load capacity of up to 250 forms
2. Speed of 8000 forms per hour
3. Fully enclosed storage cabinet
4. 18 inch conveyor with foto eye technology

Formax FD 2032 Pressure Sealer

Formax FD 2032 Pressure SealerThe Formax FD 2032 pressure sealer is able to process sensitive self-mailers efficiently. It can process forms with lengths of up to 14 inches. This pressure washer is capable of processing up to 11000 forms in one hour. Its feeder can accommodate up to 350 forms at any given time.

Users of the Formax FD 2032 pressure sealer have a choice of two conveyors. The conveyors have an integral foto eye feature which ensures that forms are arranged in a sequential fashion. The FD 2032 standard features include:

1. Fog control
2. LED indicators
3. Six digit counter
4. Fault detection
5. Touch pad control panel

Formax FD 2084 Pressure Sealer

Formax FD 2084 Pressure Sealer
The Formax FD 2084 pressure sealer is able to process 2800 forms an hour, making it one of the most advanced and top-of-the-line Formax pressure sealer machines.This translates to about 400000 forms in a month. These pressure sealers utilize pressure seal technology. The FD 2084 is able to process continuous pressure seal forms in an organization of medium size and in terms of volume.

1. It is capable of folding, separating and sealing seal forms in a continuous fashion in a line.
2. The pressure sealers can store up to 3 custom fold configurations in its internal memory.
3. It is able to process forms with lengths of up to 20 inches. It is a heavy duty pressure sealer with continuous feed capability.

Formax FD 2054 Pressure Sealer

The FD 2054 is one of the most powerful pressure sealers from Formax. It is fully automatic and is efficient and quite easy to use. It is able to automatically detect and adjust accordingly depending on the length of the form. It detects different lengths from 11, 14 and 17 inches. It is one of the most efficient pressure sealers currently available in the market.

Formax FD 2002IL Pressure Sealer

This is one of the Formax pressure sealers that are able to effectively interface with laser printers that have specific MICR capabilities. The Formax FD 2002IL pressure sealer also integrates seamlessly with non-MICR desktop laser printers. This ultimately ensures that it is able to provide enhanced and foolproof document security.

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